Kush Kriminals

The Executive Team

In the Kush Kriminals universe, diverse factions of humans, aliens, and robots vie for supremacy. It’s a realm where superpowers are just a grandma’s hit away, and asteroid belts conceal treasures beyond a bandit’s wildest dreams. Here, wealth is coveted, but ambition reigns supreme. You may claim the world, but the galaxy is the kriminals’ playground. Learn about our Executive team today!

Writer | Founder

Sam Humphries, a prolific writer and TV host, has contributed extensively to major comic franchises.

The Art


Our anonymous artist pushes digital art boundaries, creating a unique Kush Kriminals collection with unmatched detail.


Nik Buich


Nik has experience in the Web3/Crypto space and helped start Metalabz. He also manages a successful luxury real estate company in Boise, Idaho. 

Tyler Cruz


Tyler boasts experience in Web3 NFTs in the marketing and Consulting space. His Crypto trading and investing dates back to 2017. 

Jerry Miles


Jerry is a successful businessman and creative junkie that’s always looking for opportunities in the NFT, Web3, and Crypto space.

Jimmy Holman


Jack of all trades, master of some. Jimmy brings 5+ years in crypto, 10+ years in digital marketing, 2 years in NFTs, 20+ years as a professional musician to the table.
Executive Team

Coming soon.